KAFA launches domestic workers rights campaign


In a country where little, if ever, is being said about the constantly escalating death rate of migrant workers, Kudos to Kafa and to the few who speak up.

BEIRUT: The nongovernmental organization KAFA: Enough Violence and Exploitation has launched a media campaign to raise awareness of the often dangerous conditions which foreign domestic workers endure in Lebanon and to urge authorities to implement the relevant legislation needed to protect them.

The stark poster features the image of a hanging noose, and reads: “Don’t push her to commit your crime: toward legal protection for domestic workers in Lebanon.”

In a statement, KAFA laid out some of the rights which domestic workers are often deprived of in Lebanon, including the right to rest, travel and communicate and the right to keep their own private documents, such as passports.

The statement adds that many workers are subjected to violence, sexual abuse and even human trafficking.

Watch the goosebumpy video trailer here. It is airing on TVs now.

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