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Demonstration on International Workers Day Demanding Fair Working Conditions for Migrant/Domestic Workers!!!

MWTF, ARM and other individuals invite everyone to join us for a demonstration on labor day in the form of a march from Hamra to Sanayeh to support the migrant domestic workers’ struggle.

We are calling on ALL:

– domestic workers
– migrants and workers
– students
– activists
– employed and unemployed
– feminists
– individuals, groups, associations who stand in solidarity with the struggle of fair working conditions for domestic workers

to go down to the street and March Together!

We will meet at Saint Francis church at 1pm to make the POSTERS and BANNERS together, stating various DEMANDS and complaints

– walk down Hamra to Rue Sadat and walk up and from there towards Sanayeh

– in Sanayeh we will have a symbolic MINUTE OF SILENCE at the place where a migrant domestic worker named Theresa “committed suicide”…this minute will be dedicated to all workers in inhumane working conditions

– there will be a street performance by some MUSIC groups of migrant communities

– if you can play music or have thoughts on people who would be interested in joining, please please let us know.

Come Show Your Solidarity With Migrant Workers in Lebanon!

For more info, contact 70 066880

Date: Sunday May 1
Time: 1-4 PM
Location: starting at Saint Francis Church, Hamra

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