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The ICC360 Cricket Tournament

It may just be ‘cricket in a car park’ but, on the 21 September, the International Cricket Council have chosen the St. George’s Cricket Club’s next tournament to be part of their weekly programme

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BURIED ALIVE! Stop torture of migrants and refugees!

Solidarity Sit-In with the detainees at General Security detention centerOn June 26, International Day in support of Victims of Torture, we are calling for a solidarity sit-in with the migrants and refugees of Lebanon at 6:00 pm in front of the General Security detention place in Adlieh, Beirut (on the roundabout).

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!فلتسقط العنصرية، فلتسقط الانظمة، وعاشت الشعوب الثائرة

العنصرية والتنكيل باللاجئين ليسا غريبَيْن عن النظام اللبناني، ولا اي نظام عربي او غربي، بل انها اللغة التي من خلالها يسعى اي نظام مأزوم الى كسر اي محاولة للالتحام والتضامن ما بين الشعوب، وخاصة الطبقات المضطهدة منها، كالعمال والعاملات.

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Urgent Help Needed

The word “foreign” is not a retribution
When will we ever learn to deal with such problems in a civilized manner?

If anyone can help us take action by removing this shameful sign, please send us a message

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