Today: Vigil for Janice Soriano de Jose


KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation and Anti-Racism Movement call upon concerned individuals to join us tonight to commemorate the passing of the worker Janice Soriano de Jose, who according to news reports committed suicide on Sunday by jumping from the 11th floor of her employer’s house in Zalka.

We believe that this death of another migrant domestic worker indicates once again the failing of the Lebanese government to take action to prevent abusive/exploitative working and living conditions which can

lead to suicide and death.
In particular, no action has been taken to abolish the sponsorship system, which is one of the root causes of migrant domestic workers’ vulnerability to abuse. The sponsorship system makes the worker dependent upon her employer for her legal status in Lebanon; it encourages sponsors to lock the worker in the house, withhold her passport, among other violations; and it makes it more difficult for a migrant domestic worker victim of violence and abuse to seek help.

It is time for us to take action. Tonight we will hold a vigil for the most recent victim of the sponsorship system in Lebanon, join us!

We will meet in front of Starbucks Zalka at 5:30 pm
and walk from there towards the building from which Janice fell.
Time: 530 PM-7 PM

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