Weekly News Reports 2022

News Report: March 2022

The Member of Parliament and head of the Free Patriotic Movement Gebran Bassil posted a video as part of his electoral campaign calling for the return of Syrian refugees from Lebanon, and insisting on referring to them as “economic immigrants”.


The municipality of the Northern town Amioun issued a statement asking landlords and employers of Syrian residents to monitor the latter’s movement and report any suspicious activity.

Weekly News Report: January 15-21, 2022

The honorary consul of Kenya, Sayed Chalouhi, stated that the Kenyan domestic women protesting outside the consulate bear the blame for their situation after being abandoned and unpaid by employers

Weekly News Report: January 8-14, 2022

The honorary vice consul at the Kenyan consulate, Kassem Jaber, denied the corruption and mistreatment accusations against him by the Kenyan women protesting outside the consulate since January 6.

Weekly News Report: January 1-7, 2022

A number of Kenyan women have been protesting outside the consulate in Badaro, Beirut on January 6 to demand repatriation following the unresponsiveness of the consular staff to process their requests.