Category: General Advocacy.

Homelessness among Migrant Workers on the Rise

Migrants and their families in Lebanon have been severely affected by the August 4 explosion. In addition to the people still missing, those who have been injured, and those who lost their lives, many have also lost their windows, walls, and valuable appliances. This effectively means that they lost their homes as most of them cannot afford any of the repairs required to make their homes livable again.

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Stop Illegal Evictions of Migrant Workers

Due to the worsening economic conditions, an unprecedented number of migrant workers have lost their sources of income and are no longer able to pay their rent. More and more landlords who are aware of the dire conditions that migrant workers live in, threaten them with evictions or actively evict them.

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Special Appeal to Fellow Protestors in Lebanon

Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) has released a statement in support of the revolution where it offered its analysis of racism as a dividing tactic used by those in power to evade responsibility and accountability, and blame their failures on foreigners, both refugees and migrants.

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