Lebanon criticizes countries that ban maids over mistreatment


Daily Star

Labor Minister Sejaan Azzi Wednesday rejected the notion that all foreign housemaids in Lebanon are poorly treated, criticizing countries that have banned their women from working in Lebanon and accusing embassy workers of human trafficking.

“I asked to meet with ambassadors of countries who send their citizens to work in Lebanon, but I have still not received replies from some them,” Azzi said during a televised press conference.

The minister said that some women are finding illegal ways to enter Lebanon after some countries, including the Philippines and Ethiopia, banned their citizens from traveling to Lebanon over poor working conditions and mistreatment.

He accused employees from different embassies of being involved in trafficking by forging work titles of the women.

He said the traffickers give Lebanon “a bad reputation by making it seem like a prostitution or human trafficking hub.”

“The Lebanese are respectful people, but those who disrespect their maids … face consequences,” he said, adding that the ministry had taken numerous measures to protect the rights of domestic workers.
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