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No Ethical Contract Under Kafala

The Ministry of Labor is set to release an amended version of the Standard Unified Contract (SUC) which, in theory, intends to regulate the working relationship between migrant domestic workers and their sponsors (employers). However, the contract is only one piece of the Kafala system and, due to lack of any enforcement mechanism, it is arguably the least important piece.

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Prosecute Employers Who Abandon Domestic Workers Now!

More than 100 migrant workers of different nationalities have been abandoned by their employers or showed up at their consulate since the beginning of June 2020. The majority of these workers are Ethiopian due to the size of the Ethiopian community in Lebanon. The Ethiopian consulate failed to intervene and closed its doors to its own citizens.

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Today we went to Dar El-Ajaza Hospital. We met with 3 women, 2 from Ethiopia and a third who is perhaps from Ghana.

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